Discover How Busy Moms Are Finally Able To Transform Their Body, Feel More Confident, And Have Radiant Energy Without Starving Or Working Out Crazy Hours In The Gym
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Does This Sound Like You?
  • You’ve spent YEARS trying to create a body you love and that you’re proud of yet you’re STILL uncomfortable in your own skin, embarrassed or even ASHAMED of how you show up physically in the world.
  • You’ve tried EVERY diet plan, workout program, nutritional supplement, ‘skinny shake’, and pill that the ‘experts’ promised would work, only to find that the results were never EVER as impressive as you’d hoped they’d be, and worse, they never stuck around long enough for you to enjoy them.
  • You’re BEYOND frustrated with having to live your life in a way that has you half-killing yourself in gym with exercises you hate and half-starving yourself most of the time with diet plans that are boring and restrictive… and STILL not getting results!
  • You’re SICK of being made to feel like a failure by those well-meaning types who tell you that ‘if you want it badly enough you’ll get RESULTS (you want it REALLY bad!) and FED up beyond belief of people telling you to ‘go hard or go home’, that you need to use ‘more willpower’ and those who constantly suggest that you need to stop ‘self-sabotaging’. yourself
If So You're In The 
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Here's How It Works:
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Fill out the short application form and one of the members of our staff will contact you to setup your Free Transformation Session.
We Meet
We discuss where you are now, how you feel, and talk about your goals moving forward.
To build the body you want it will require a plan. That's where I create a tailored approach to your goals through Training, Nutrition, Accountability, & Mindset.
You Succeed
We are so confident in our service that we offer you a 30 Day Results In Advance "Risk Free Trial". You'll lose your first 8-10 Pounds and be on your way to looking and feeling amazing again.
We believe that you can re-invent yourself. And re-invention to us means helping you lose weight and building that body of your dreams..

But it's also about regaining the Love for yourself, your Confidence, Laugh, and Passion for life!

And over the past 7 years of working with 900+ people we realized one vital thing. It takes much more than diet and exercise to achieve true transformation.

So here at AMP we give you so much more.

Our approach to helping you Create Your Dream Body literally addresses every area that contributes to helping you Look, Feel, and Performance your BEST.

From our Personalized Nutrition Plans, Tailored Exercise Programs, and In-Depth Life Coaching and Motivational Strategies we've got you covered so you never have to worry if your investment of Time, Money, or Effort will produce the results you desire.


Most people come to us for weight loss and while we are amazing at helping them do that we also help them lose Doubt, Low-Self Esteem, and ultimately aid them in becoming the greatest versions of themselves.

I know it's sounds like more than what your average personal trainer promises. But we never set out to be average. We are committed to giving you so much more!

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For A Second Imagine..
  • Imagine that version of yourself that was comfortable in your own skin and felt beautiful, confident, and happy.
  • Imagine that version of yourself that accepted WHO you are, WHERE you are, and HOW you are -- despite the number on the scale
  • Imagine that version of yourself that totally OWNED your uniquenesses and didn't have to water yourself down or shrink around others.
  • Imagine that version of yourself that felt healthy and vibrant and ALIVE -- physically, mentally, AND emotionally -- all year long.
  • Imagine that version of yourself that felt connected to yourself, connected to your body, and connected to your purpose and impact.
  • Imagine having the courage to do what you really want to do, say what you really want to say, and be who you KNOW you are.
  • Imagine life without all that resistance, without all that judgement, and without all those voices tearing you down or talking you out of what you REALLY want.
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